9th Symposium HWCS: The world will change when your daily life changes.

Ninth Symposium of the World Center for Humanist Studies

Friday, April 28, presentation by David Andersson

At GMT 20:30, BsAs 17:30, Mexico 14:30, Rome 22:30 – Category: Consciousness and the world


The world will change when your daily life changes.

We need to be clear when we talk about a world in crisis. Technically, humans today have everything to flourish: scientific advances, energy resources, art, knowledge, communications, food, and so on. Until now, humans saw their problems as outside and tried to resolve them technologically, socially, politically, and economically. As the world becomes totally interconnected, there is no longer space to move “outside” anymore. We have humanized almost everything (pets, food, energy, transportation, and societies) but now need to humanize ourselves in a deeper way. We need to understand who we are as human beings. We can no longer define people simply by their gender, language, country, work, partner, passion, social position, or religion. We are all the above, but much more.

We are working with AI and are discovering new ways of overcoming disease and extending life, but what do we know about our internal world – our violence, our suffering, our contradictions, and the direction of our own life? Does my life have a meaning? We have a low level of understanding of our own selves.

The ultimate value and priority should be placed on helping everyone grow internally. To grow in understanding oneself, overcome pain and suffering, and learn how to elevate our energy level for a higher purpose. We need a new type of education to help the next generations develop the tools to work with themselves this way.

We need a new lifestyle directed at surpassing our own mental limits, as a gymnast does physically. We need to pay particular attention to our own registers and feelings, which will help us to be less taken by compulsions and illusions. There are millions of worlds inside oneself to discover, the world of images and the space of representations, the world of light and energy, the world of attention and distention, the world of purpose and direction of life, the world of meaning in life and transcendence. It’s these worlds that we must work with and put our energy on. It is through development of these internal worlds that we will open up new possibilities in the external one.

This point of view was inspired by my own experience following the philosophy developed by Silo (Mario Rodriguez Cobos). There are many documents, books, and talks from Silo expressing this moment of crisis and helping us to put it in perspective. This presentation will focus on how to apply these ideas and concepts to daily life.

David Andersson