The Empire Strikes Out

The World Has Just Changed Dramatically

Although most Americans are not aware of it yet, over the last eight to twelve months the world has undergone a change the scale of which has not been seen in almost a century, arguably longer. The United States is no longer the undisputed number one world superpower. In fact, with each passing month since mid 2022, the US has been losing more and more of its formerly hegemonic military and economic stronghold over the rest of the world.(1)

Why Aren’t More Westerners Aware of the Change?

Over the past month the truth about what has really been going on in Ukraine since mid 2022 has begun to seep into the outer margins of the Western establishment media’s reporting.(2) Up until very recently, almost all reporting by Western media has presented a narrative and data about the war in Ukraine that has been inaccurate.

Some of these inaccuracies were exposed in a recent leak of classified Pentagon documents.(3) Over the past year I have reported on many of the details of these inaccuracies in articles which can be accessed here at Pressenza (4)(5)

Along with their misrepresentation of events and data related to the battle in Ukraine itself, the Western media has also neglected to inform the Western public that the failure of the US and NATO’s objectives over the course of the last year has triggered a tsunami of changes all over the globe.

Instead of isolating Russia and crushing its economy, the near reverse has happened. Europe’s economy has moved toward the brink of recession and the future of the US dollar has been severely jeopordized.(6) As for Russia, its economy has not been destroyed. In fact it has, for the most part, remained steady with clear signs of future growth on the horizon.(7)

BRICS and the Now Endangered US dollar

Over the course of 2022 and 2023 a newly growing partnership of countries from all over the world has arisen. This partnership is made up of nations that no longer wish to be dominated and/or subjugated by the US. These countries: Brazil, China, India, Egypt, Russia, South Africa, Argentina, Turkey, Iran, Indonesia, Bahrain, Algeria, Arab Emirates and a few others make up more than half of the world’s population. They are all part of or will soon become part of an economic alliance called BRICS.

BRICS is a global economic association of countries that is now in the process of creating a shared currency that will challenge the dollar’s standing as the preeminent global currency. Originally a body of five countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa), BRICS membership has ballooned since mid 2022. There are now 24 nations that have aligned with BRICS in a bid to challenge the US dollar.(8)

A Crack In the US Monolith Has Opened

The US’ increasing refusal to engage in diplomacy along with its growing disregard for international law over the past two decades has produced fear and a burgeoning disdain in nations all over the world. By continually sanctioning and freezing the economic assets of countries that don’t fall in line with the neocon led Western economic plan, a growing distrust of the US has been proliferating.(9) It is this deepening fear and distrust of the United States that has been the impetus for the expansion of BRICS and the growing worldwide desire to abandon the dollar.

And, very importantly, the newly confirmed partnership of China and Russia as a combined industrial, economic and military twosome has produced an opening, a crack in what previously seemed to be a monolithic US/Western Empire.(10) It is this opening, this new window of opportunity to disengage from US dominance that more and more nations are moving toward.

The Results of the Failure of the US Proxy War In Ukraine

The failure of the proxy war in Ukraine has exposed (to a majority of the world) how militarily overextended the US is and how detached from the current global geoplotical reality its leaders and its mainstream media are. The Western alliance’s failure to meet any of its intended objectives over the past year has laid bare the serious weakness of leadership in the US and much of Europe.(11) In fact, in its reckless attempt to isolate Russia the US has ended up isolating itself.(12)

Nothing More Dangerous Than An Empire in Decline

Indeed, we are witnessing the beginning of what appears to be the end of the unipolar world and the globally dominant US empire. There’s no denying the fact that a multi-polar global structure, without one dominant country running the show, is beginning to form.(13) Unfortunately, the neocons in the White House (Biden, Nuland, Blinken, Sullivan and crew) have either not received the memo or they’ve been unable to process it.

Instead the Biden administration has doubled down on its commitments to defeat Russia in Ukraine as it simultaneously provokes China to engage in military conflict.(14) These neocons, like the neocons Rumsfeld, Cheney, Wolfowitz and Bush Jr. before them, are ideologically hellbent on maintaining what were always, ultimately, unmaintainable levels of provocation and violence in order to preserve US hegemony.

For these neocon fundamentalists, diplomacy is out of the question, it is the stuff of weakness. In Victoria Nuland’s mind, in Antony Blinken’s mind, and in Joe Biden’s mind there is only one option: “Total victory” (15)

The Necessity to Humanize the Process of Change That Is Now Upon Us All

A) A growing multitude of peaceful, forward looking people around the world are beginning to see that what has gone on so far in the 21st century is not going to continue. The United States is no longer going to be able to get away with what it has gotten away with in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Libya, in Syria, in Yemen and in other nations that it has invaded and pillaged, killing well over a million human beings in the process.(16)

B) This growing multitude of peaceful, forward looking people is also not in favor of the repressive forms of degenerative ultraconservative nationalism that have been oozing up from the rotting neoliberal slime as a twisted retrogressive response to the dizzying changes that are, paradoxically, signaling the advent of a new evolutionary step for human life on this planet.

The vast majority of humanity knows very well what it wants. What we want is peace. What we want is friendship. What we want is to learn without limits. What we want is an acknowledged sisterhood, an acknowledged brotherhood of all human beings. Nothing is going to stop this millenniums old process of overcoming suffering and violence, no matter how things appear in given moments. Human evolution will continue.


Mark Lesseraux