Webinar: What are the consequences of Uranium ammunition in the Ukraine war?

Webinar: What are the consequences of uranium ammunition in the Ukraine war?

Date and Time: June 2, 2023, 18:00 CEST
Registration to Zoom: registration@umwelt-militaer.org

Organisers/Supporters: International Coalition to Ban Uranium Weapons (ICBUW), International Peace Bureau (IPB), International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW), Intern. Association of Lawyers Against Nuclear War (IALANA)   


Uranium weapons are not classified as nuclear weapons but as conventional weapons. They consist mainly of Depleted Uranium (DU), a radioactive and chemically toxic heavy metal.

As far as is known, these weapons have been definitively used by two states: the United States of America (USA) and Great Britain. Large quantities of DU were fired in Iraq and the Balkans. DU-weaponry is in the possession of many states .

When DU projectiles or penetrators hit armoured surfaces, they burn due to the high temperatures generated by the impact. This creates a very fine dust that is radioactive and chemically toxic. This toxic dust can be absorbed by the body through food and respiration, and is contaminating the environment.

On the current policy developments

The British government has started to deliver Uranium munitions to Ukraine. For the Russian side, contradictory data exist, difficult to verify.

The use of DU ammunition in Ukraine would have devastating consequences – not so much for the current war, but as a long-term effect on people and the environment.

About the speakers

Prof. Manfred Mohr, ICBUW, Co Spokesperson (Germany); DU Weapons: The political and legal framework

Ria VerjauwICBUW, Co Spokesperson (Belgium); DU: International awareness, activities, campaigning

Angelika Claussen, IPPNW, Co Chair; DU: The humanitarian and health dimension

Karl-Heinz PeilInformationsdienst Umwelt und Militär; War in Ukraine: From environmental disaster to ecocide

Moderation: Reiner Braun, IPB

Language: English with translation of input statements and of the discussion if needed. A separate German webinar is intended.

At the webinar, we want to discuss how to provide the necessary information, develop networking and actions with the aim to implement a ban on Uranium weapons in the context of the Ukraine war and worldwide

More Info https://icbuw.eu  – “Depleted Uranium Weapons – State of Affairs 2022” | https://umwelt-militaer.org (deutsch)GraphicsAppeal to the G7 Hiroshima Summit 2023 by the Citizens’ Network Opposing the Use of DU Weapons in Ukraine