Six videos on the Human Being

The channel “Good ideas you may not know” has launched a new series of six videos dedicated to the Human Being.

It talks about how human beings are defined, how they feel, what happens to social beings if they are put as a priority, what it is to be a humanist, what Western humanism was and what universalist humanism is, the process of how our consciousness was formed and, finally, it deals with our existence.

Many of these topics are dealt with in an abstract way, but they are nevertheless important for our concrete lives because they make up the image we have of ourselves and of others. They are also about the future of humankind and the meaning of our personal lives and of history.

The six videos are:

About the human

The experience of what is human

Being human and, moreover, a humanist

The humanists of yesteryear

The human process


List of the six videos:


Álvaro Orús Andreu