Rotaractor in Action: Young Filipino making difference in their community

Members of Rotaract Clubs in San Juan City, Philippines held an event entitled RAOS: Rise As One San Juan. They gave the essential kit to 50 Preschool students at Baranagay Pedro Cruz in Pedro Cruz Day Care Center.

They also teach the student and their parents some preventive measures before, during, and after an emergency. The kit contains essential goods such as a flashlight, bandage, towel, betadine, cotton, and a whistle, which are helpful during an emergency. This kind of activity will help to reduce the risk that the students and their parents may face in times of emergency.

Natural disasters like earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, typhoons, and flash floods are rapidly becoming catastrophic events that cause human casualties and economic losses due to climate change, urban pressure, and a lack of emergency preparedness. Natural hazard-related disaster risk is increasing.
The significance of public awareness and education for disaster risk reduction (DRR) has been underlined by several studies and risk reduction campaigners for a long time. These requirements have grown as a result of human manipulation. The government has started DRR education initiatives; however, there are certain gaps between what is and what should be, and these initiatives are insufficient. The effectiveness of preparedness and DRR activities at all levels of the community must be improved through the use of more effective and efficient teaching and learning techniques.

The President of the Rotaract Club of San Juan Supreme discussed what’s inside the kit and how to use it.
These Rotaractors are taking action on a wide range of issues, including promoting risk awareness, prevention, and readiness. They are also working to improve the community by promoting learning and capacity-building. Through capacity building, knowledge sharing, early warning systems, and policy recommendations from every significant factor, Rotaractors aims to increase society’s resilience.

Rotaract is a part of Rotary International which is the largest Service Organization in the world.

“The organization’s stated mission is to “give service to others, promote integrity, and develop global understanding, benevolence, and peace via fellowship.”

They believe that any act of kindness, no matter how tiny, has the potential to spark a chain reaction that leads to constructive societal change. This group’s main goals are to provide a dependable source of up-to-date information, develop community development projects, and fight against poverty.

Article and photos by Zainha Mae Montezor

Zainha Mae Montezor