Release Taj Muhammad Sarparah

Taj Muhammad Sarparah, a businessman was abducted by Pakistani military and intelligence agencies from Karachi on 19 July 2020, while he was en route to Karachi airport.

His wife, Salia Mari stated that her husband Taj Muhammad Sarparah was abducted by the Pakistani military and their agencies.

She mentioned that she went to the police station to file a First Information Report (FIR) for her husband’s abduction, but the police initially refused to accept it, causing her to face significant struggle before they finally accepted it.

She expressed that she currently doesn’t know her husband’s whereabouts or his condition.

She added that she has sought justice through every available avenue in Pakistan, but has been denied justice.

She emphasized that if her husband is accused of any crime, he should be represented in court and subjected to legal punishment.

However, she firmly believes that her husband is innocent and therefore, the Pakistani military and secret agencies are refusing to present any evidence against him in court.

She appealed to human rights organizations to raise their voices for the missing Baloch persons and to ensure justice for the families who have been protesting on the streets for many years.

Islam Murad Baloch