Release Dad Shah Shashani

Dad Shah Shashani

Dad Shah Shashani is a resident of Greshag Khuzdar and was forcibly abducted last night in front of his family in Hawksbay, Karachi by CTD[1]. As of now, his whereabouts remain unknown. Dad Shah Shashani is a student by profession and a social activist. His sister, Fozia Baloch Shashani is also a social activist and held a press conference at the Karachi Press Club to address the enforced disappearance of her brother, Dad Shah Shashani. She emphasized that her brother is an innocent student and social activist.

Fozia Baloch Shashani recounted that in the middle of the night, CTD forces entered their home and took her brother with them. The following day, she visited the police station to file an FIR[2] against the enforced disappearance of her brother at the hands of the CTD forces. However, the police refused to file the FIR.

She earnestly appealed to everyone, regardless of their background, to raise their voices and advocate for the safe release of her brother. She highlighted that her brother is the sole breadwinner for their family and his responsibility is crucial to their well-being.

[1] Counter Terrorism Department

[2] First Investigation Report

Islam Murad Baloch