Release Abdul Hameed Zehri

Abdul Hameed Zehri was allegedly abducted by the Pakistani military and its agencies, with the help of Karachi Ranger force, from Karachi on 10th April 2020. Until now, his whereabouts remain unknown. Saeeda Hameed, the daughter of Abdul Hameed Zehri, stated that at midnight, the Pakistani military and their agencies knocked on her father’s home door. When they opened it, the military informed them that they were taking Abdul Hameed Zehri with them to ask some questions, assuring them that he would be released afterward. However, they did not release him.

She mentioned that the next day, they went to the police station to report her father’s abduction, but the police refused to file an FIR (First Information Report) for her father’s abduction. After facing a lot of resistance, the police eventually filed an FIR for her father’s abduction. Despite her efforts, she was unable to find justice for her father in Pakistan’s legal system.

She urged that if her father was involved in any crime, he should be presented in court, and if found guilty, appropriate punishment should be given, but through a fair trial. She also appealed to human rights organizations to become her voice and help secure her father’s release from alleged Pakistani torture cells. She has been struggling for her father’s safe release since his forced abduction.

Her brother, Hammal Hameed, and her sister, Mahrooz Hameed, have been seen protesting from the road to the press club, demanding their father’s safe release. While children of their age in other parts of the world attend school for education, these children in Balochistan are protesting for their loved ones’ safety.

The international community must exert pressure and consider sanctions against Pakistan for its alleged violations of human rights.

Islam Murad Baloch