Poll: Most Americans Say Enough Guns to Ukraine

A majority of Americans would be against sending more funding to support Ukraine in its war against Russia, according to a poll conducted by CNN in July of this year. In fact, 55% of those interviewed believe that Congress should not authorize further funding, while 51% believe that the United States has already done enough to support Ukraine in the conflict (last year, following the outbreak of war, the figure stopped at 38%). The majority of respondents (63%) believe that the most effective aid falls within the scope of intelligence gathering assistance, 53% in military training and only 43% with the additional shipment of weapons. A high percentage of those interviewed (77%) also say they are worried about the fact that the war will continue for a long time to come, without a solution being found.

By Valeria Casolaro

In particular, the data changes according to the political orientation. Indeed, among Republicans, 71% believe that Congress should no longer send funding to Ukraine, while 59% believe that the United States has already done enough to support the country in conflict. Among Democrats, more than half (62%) are in favor of more funding, while 61% believe the United States should do more. Among the independents, the majority (56% for the first question, 55% for the second) are in line with blocking funding. Among those who fear that the conflict will continue for a long time, Democrats are the majority (82%), followed by independents (75%) and Republicans (73%).

The survey, although carried out on a sample of the population (1,279 individuals) is nevertheless not irrelevant, since it suggests that the majority of citizens potentially have opinions in contrast with the policies undertaken by the heads of government, in particular as regards the sending of weapons in the context of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. A trend detected, again through surveys, also in our country.