“Neutron Bomb” Premiere screening Uranium Film Festival, Rio de Janeiro May 24

Highlighting nuclear and radioactive issues, the “Neutron Bomb” demonstrates how even the most absurd American concept for a nuclear weapon became an international crisis that has taken over the world and reverberates to this day. Battlefield nuclear weapons and NATO – neutron bomb danger still exists and urgently demands our attention worldwide.

“Neutron Bomb” by filmmaker Peter Kuran has been selected for its premiere at the Uranium International Film Festival at the Rio de Janeiro Museum of Modern Art (MAM RIO) May 24 at 18:30 free entry

Filmmaker statement on the neutron bomb:

“The use of tactical nuclear weapons is a great danger to the world, as many believe it is a gateway to the use of strategic nuclear weapons. Essentially, battlefield nukes and theater nukes are used by the Army on the battlefield. Strategic nukes are large megaton bombs designed to destroy cities. The Neutron Bomb is designed to be used on the battlefield in wars between the East and West, Europe and Russia. These conditions still threaten the world today.”

“Neutron Bomb” is the sixth nuclear documentary by filmmaker Peter Kuran, whose 25-year-old career began with the award-winning “Trinity and Beyond – The Atomic Bomb film.”

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