Modern Cognitive Warfare. How they are trying to control our minds

We will often come back to the roots of the ongoing Ukrainian tragedy, which hold a valuable lesson for everyone.
One of its primary ironies is that history is repeating itself.
The West has once again used one of its schemes well proven at different times and in different regions: the press, orchestrated by those in power, turns passive viewers, listeners and readers into an active element in the destruction of their own societies.
This is the prevailing pattern in most coups d’état today. They are subtle, and the modern press serves as their most important tool, and its function in the undermining of societies is more effective than tanks or war planes could ever be.
It is the media that prepares the consumer and the voter under the orders of those in power, and regardless of any self-promotion, this remains its only goal. The information landscape is designed to overwhelm those without the  ability to navigate it, leading to confusion and misinformation.
Many supporters of the Ukrainian regime are trying to argue their position today on the basis of the “re-electability” of political leaders and the “democratic” nature of the state administration, at least in the pre-war period.
For anyone who has lived at least a little in the Western hemisphere’s dependent periphery, such as Latin American countries, it is absurd to call various shades of the same color “democracy”.
Succession of power by representatives of the same superpowers and foreign financial groups is a mockery of common sense and an unfair game played by the elites to take advantage of the population’s ignorance.
Moreover, in recent years, a new previously unnoticed element has come to stage. Censorship has been added to the blatant manipulation of such “freedoms” and “democracies” of societies built on inequality, robbery and exploitation.
My generation still remembers that one of the main criticisms of “free” Western countries towards our “unfree” socialist societies was about us having state censorship, while they boasted their absolute “freedom of thought and speech”.
What a dramatic metamorphosis in the field of civil liberties and censorship the world has experienced in recent years!
Perhaps this brief analysis is not enough, but you have to start somewhere.
During the previous global experiment, which its victims called the COVID-19 pandemic, the global authorities silenced any questioning of the official narrative through their control of the media and the web.
Remember how the mere mention of the name of the disease on the Internet resulted in rapid and worldwide censorship to eliminate any questions or doubts concerning the opinions and actions of the WHO and it’s affiliated governments. It was the world’s greatest experiment in establishing a global information dictatorship, all under the guise of “protecting us”.
And all this time, no one noticed that the lion’s share of WHO’s funding came from transnational pharmaceutical corporations and the governments of the empires ruling the world.

The planetary operation COVID-19 was a test of the strength not only for neoliberalism, but it also tested the strength of global science and journalism in serving the powerful. The response of various societies and focus groups to centralized messages of blackmail and fear, was closely monitored, recorded and analyzed.
The system was testing and perfecting the mechanism of its own control over society. I am not questioning here the reality of the disease itself, nor have I ever disrespected the victims, among whom are several friends of mine, it is about something else: the great mystery of the origin of the virus, the methods of fighting it, chosen entirely behind the scenes and undemocratically, and the widespread manipulation of mortality statistics.
Millions of elderly people have died due to lack of care, and many young people have had their health damaged by experimental vaccines that use RNA information technology and are marketed by the system as the “best”.
There has been little discussion about this issue recently, but the truth cannot be concealed any longer. That is why it is so important to redirect the focus of our attention from the pandemic to the ongoing war.
The current war on the territory that used to be our beloved Ukraine is yet another attempt to gain control of the world in the wake of the pandemic.
The best proof of this assumption is the world’s democratic media, which has abandoned any pretense of neutrality, and the social media, which has created a barrier between the real Russia and the rest of the world.
Any attempt to doubt the official Western version of the nature or essence of this war is immediately censored to avoid spreading among the common people. The social media platforms that are being targeted by the democratic Western censorship are warning of a possible connection to the Russian government, as if it were a threat like the plague.
Like the so-called success of Pfizer’s vaccine, without which it seemed impossible to continue living on Earth, the false information – from the Bucha events to the regular reports of “terrible acts of the Orcs” – is the result of centralized control of public opinion.
This works in such a way that manipulated citizens are always concerned about corruption, but the thought that they are being manipulated never crosses their minds.
Another method of mind-controlling is an overwhelming flow of information coupled with dramatic decline in level of education. As a result, we now need special psychological, historical, and cultural training, something that the majority of the planet’ s citizens totally lack today, just to be able to disprove the most blatant fakes.
The fight against this global manipulation machine must become the basis of the very possibility of resistance to the neoliberal monster that is destroying humanity.

Oleg Yasinsky