Justice for Najma Baloch and Save Baloch women from Pakistani military.

Human rights violations, including forced murder, are deeply saddening. The current situation in Balochistan is alarming, as the Baloch people are not safe.

Najma Baloch, the daughter of Dilsard Baloch, who was a school teacher in District Awaran, Balochistan, tragically felt compelled to commit suicide rather than work for the Pakistani military. She experienced months of harassment by Noor Bakhsh, a governmental levies sepoy working for the Pakistani military. Noor Bakhsh’s role is to harass and blackmail Baloch women and men into working for the Pakistani military. Unfortunately, this is not the first time Baloch women have been targeted by the Pakistani military.

In the past, we have witnessed numerous cases of rape and murder of Baloch women in different cities of Balochistan by the military and its facilitators, such as death squads. People have protested against the barbaric and inhumane actions of the Pakistani military, but no one has been arrested so far. On May 26, 2020, in the city of Turbat, a Pakistani-sponsored death squad raided the home of Malik Naaz Baloch, who was martyred during the incident. Her daughter, Bramsh Baloch, was injured in the attack. People from various cities in Balochistan took to the streets demanding justice for Malik Naaz Baloch and her daughter, but unfortunately, no one was arrested, leaving the people of Balochistan feeling helpless and vulnerable.

On June 14, 2020, another Baloch woman named Kulsoom Baloch was killed by a Pakistani-sponsored death squad. Once again, the people of Balochistan protested, but they did not receive justice because the human rights violations were being committed by the Pakistani military, making it impossible for them to deliver justice.

On September 21, Taj Bibi was allegedly killed by the Frontier Corps in Turbat. She was shot in the forehead inside the car she was traveling in, even before she had a chance to introduce herself at the checkpoint. There are numerous similar reports where the Pakistani army has killed people without any involvement in any crime.

From false charges to forced murder, the violation of human rights has become a daily occurrence in Balochistan.

On May 17, 2022, Noor Jahan Baloch was forcibly abducted by the Pakistani army from Hoshab, a village in Turbat. The Pakistani army falsely accused her of being a terrorist, but her family rejected these charges. Once again, the people of Balochistan took to the streets to seek justice. Later, Noor Jahan Baloch was released. A similar incident occurred with Mahal Baloch on February 18, 2023, when the Pakistani military and CTD forcibly abducted her from the capital city of Quetta, Balochistan. The military accused her of possessing arms and ammunition. The public once again protested against this inhumane act and the barbarism of the Pakistani military. The family denied all the false charges, and Amnesty International condemned the forced abduction of Mahal Baloch. After four months, she was released on bail. It is evident that the Pakistani military is systematically targeting and genociding the Baloch nation using various tactics. The latest victim, the late Najma Baloch, was also murdered by the Pakistani military.

Islam Murad Baloch