Join this journey toward the Universal Human Nation

The Federation of Humanist Parties (IHP) has launched a three-day worldwide campaign from 19-21 May under the slogan “From Destructive Capitalism to the Universal Human Nation“.

The main objective is to denounce capitalism as a prehistoric and inhuman system and the need for a drastic change.

The new system that we will be proposing to build is the Universal Human Nation, which in its main directions proposes:

personal freedom
equal rights and opportunities
and nonviolence.

Neo-liberal capitalist cultural pragmatism can be summarised as follows:

Putting money as the central value
Appropriation of real wealth
Short-termism in decision making
No compassion for the “losers” in the system
Cynicism when plundering in the name of human rights and democracy or violating peoples and societies through invasions and wars

Broad-spectrum neo-colonialism, plus the permanent promotion of different forms of social flight.

Capitalism is ultimately the exercise of commodification, alienation and oppression of a small minority over large majorities in all aspects of life.

The purpose of the Universal Human Nation is posed as a project for a nonviolent revolutionary way out for humanity. An intentional and hopeful way out, in contrast to the current capitalist system characterised by destructuring, chaos and violence. A humanising solution to the crisis of the global civilisational system that endangers the very existence of the human species, placing the human being as a central value and preoccupation.

The activities that will take place will be varied and diverse depending on the initiative of each place.

We invite you to join in the activities that take place in your city or neighbourhood. You can also do so by disseminating our website and the campaign video which you will find at

“From Destructive Capitalism to the Universal Human Nation”.

Partido Humanista Internacional