Humanist Party – ‘There are not too many people, there is too much violence’.

The Humanist Party is standing in the municipal and regional elections on 28 May to say that “there is no surplus of people, there is a surplus of violence”. Its proposals, set out in the Municipal Humanist Plan, aim for a change in the economic, political, and social model where people are the most important thing. Faced with individualism, dehumanisation and fragmentation, Humanismo is committed to building a common project from the neighbourhoods.

With different words and figures, the messages received by the population try to convince people that there are too many people: too many pensioners, too many young people in universities, too many immigrants in our towns and cities, too many sick people in clinics, too many women in the labour market, too many scientists and teenagers pointing out the urgency of climate change, etc. They suggest that there is an excess of the adversary, the different, the disobedient, and the others. In this process of dehumanisation and fragmentation, which also affects the parties themselves and the social base, it seems that no one is capable of imagining a common horizon for humanity.

But “There is no surplus of people, surplus of inequality, surplus of violence, surplus of dehumanisation, surplus of intolerance and tension, surplus of the determinism that drowns us in despair and rules out the possibility of building another future before we have even tried”.

The local elections are a reference point for the humanist project, with strong social roots in the neighbourhoods and which emphasises the need to defend the decision-making capacity of local residents on the important issues that affect their daily lives.

Thus, the Humanist Party will disseminate its proposals to reach out to those who rebel against the lie of the “useful vote” and “formal democracy” and seek to go beyond the old models and make way for the new. Humanists invite you to go beyond a vote and to be part of a project that is more than a party. It is an invitation to build a world where people are the most important thing.

These are the links to the electoral video and the political programme of the PH for these regional and municipal elections 2023:

We also inform that next 26th of May we will celebrate a closing act of the campaign in the Plaza de Lavapiés (Madrid).


Partido Humanista Internacional de España