Hugo Novotny presented his work “Spiritual Paths of Asia”.

It was held at the “Carcarañá” Study and Reflection Park Study Centre, located in Lucio V. López, 35 km from Rosario.

This exhibition inaugurates the 2023 period of presentations. The cycle is called “The Good Knowledge” and opens the hall of the Study Centre to the public to attend the presentation of Books, Monographs, Contributions and Stories of Experiences.

On Saturday 1st April, with about fifty people in attendance, Master Hugo Novotny* presented “Spiritual Paths of Asia”. A book in which he includes three outstanding field researches travelling in remote places of India, Russia, Siberia, Mongolia and China. “The sixth century B.C.E. had the historical privilege of seeing the emergence, in very different places but at the same time, of exceptional beings who brought the response of the profound to the clamour of the people,” says the author.

The interest in these studies has been to detect in the mystical practices mentioned the production of states of inspired consciousness and, most especially, the procedures for accessing the Profound with its particular translations, approached from the theoretical and conceptual focus of Siloism.

Presentation: Master Anabel Mattei informs the audience about the Carcarañá Park and its characteristics, and then introduces the author.

In the first part of this presentation, Novotny shares a summary focused on Buddha and Lao Tse, rescuing the most significant of the context in which the procedures used for the contact with the Sacred of the mind and the irradiation of their teachings arose. In the case of Buddhism, within the diverse range of geographies and branches in which it unfolded over the centuries, the author focuses on Tibetan Buddhism, a fusion of Indian Tantric Buddhism and Tibetan Bon shamanism.

In the second part, the author shares his observations while travelling through Russian Siberia and Mongolia, where Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism strongly intermingled and syncretistically coexists with Siberian-Mongolian shamanism, one of the most powerful and active currents, even today, of humanity’s most ancient and universal spirituality.

The entire presentation is rich in photographs and videos, images with which the author illustrates his commentaries.

* Hugo Novotny (@hugonov2019) is a researcher at the Park of Study and Reflection “Carcarañá” and the Humanist Pedagogical Current (Copehu). He participates since 1972 in the philosophical-social current known worldwide as Universalist Humanism founded by the thinker, writer and spiritual guide Silo ( and is a member of the Community of Silo’s Message. He is a Russian language teacher and translator. He lived and worked in Moscow between 1991-1998 and 2004-2008. He currently lives in the city of Godoy Cruz, Mendoza. Between 2010 and 2014 he has travelled through Russian Siberia, Mongolia, China and India, carrying out the studies and field work presented here.

He is co-author of the books: Experiences on the Threshold (2007), Consciousness Inspired by Philosophy, Mysticism, Art and Science (2012) and The Scientific-Humanist Construction of Reality (2021). And author of the works: Light and Time – Representations of the Universe, space-temporality and substratum of beliefs in human consciousness (2018); Light, Gravity and Time – In all that exists lives a Plan (2020) and Spiritual Paths of Asia – Buddha, Lao Tse, Siberian-Mongolian Shamanism and Tibetan Buddhism (2020).

He is a Master in Mental Discipline of the School of Silo. His work can be found on the Carcarañá Park website, and also at

Parks of Study and Reflection “Carcarañá”.

It is located in the town of Lucio V. López, on route 34, about 35 km north of Rosario, where the road crosses the Carcarañá River, in Santa Fe province, Argentina.

Photos by Iván Novotny

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