Former security guards reach his dream to become a teacher

Every Filipino child has a legal right to free education, according to the 1987 Philippine Constitution. High dropout rates and subpar results on national and international accomplishment tests nevertheless continue to plague the nation’s educational system.

The same underlying problems that plague Philippine education now have existed since colonial times. These include high dropout rates, poor student achievement, subpar teachers in a system where teachers play a crucial role in the educational process, irrelevant learning materials, excessive centralization, and insufficient financial resources.

More than a third of the population in the Philippines is under 15 years old, and the country has a high national secondary school dropout rate. Many young people claim they are forced to drop out of school because they lack the funds to cover the price of transportation, school meals, or projects. Young boys in provinces plagued by poverty are particularly at risk since they are frequently under pressure to assist their families as soon as possible..

However, a 46-year-old former security guard in the province of Bulacan, who earned his college degree Magna Cum Laude, passed the Licensure Exam for Teachers.

Edwin Salvador, who grew up in poverty, said that he had to give up his ambition when he had to quit attending school to help his three siblings and eventually his own family. He didn’t give up, though, and made the decision to return to school to finish his studies and finally obtain the degree he needed to become a teacher. He works as a security guard, plumber, utility, and Aircon technician. He manages to juggle his responsibility as a student and as a father to his 2 children. His oldest child is now a licensed teacher and works in a government-funded school. His oldest child and siblings encourage him to return to school and pursue his dreams. The support of his family made him strong to face the challenges of pursuing his dreams while fulfilling his duty as a father. Despite his age, he finally graduated with flying colors and now passed the Licensure Exam for Teacher. Salvador proves that age should not stop you from reaching your dream. He even proved that poverty can’t stop a person who has a big dream. He has the most commendable determination to fund and maintain his education. He exemplifies the saying that “your present does not define your future”.

Edwin Salvador demonstrated that it is never too late to achieve one’s aspirations by pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and graduating with the highest academic honors from the Bulacan Agricultural State College.

He started working as a teacher at a private school in his province and passed the Licensure Exam for Teachers. Salvador achieves another significant life milestone.

Everyone should work hard to chase their aspirations, Edwin Salvador urged, adding that it’s never too late. He is living proof that age is just a number.

Zainha Mae Montezor