Face 2 Face with Kathy Kelly

On this show, we speak with Kathy Kelly about the situation of young women in Afghanistan. Since 2021, she and an ad hoc circle of internationals have assisted young Afghans to resettle in safer havens. She co-coordinates the BanKillerDrones.org campaign, is board President of World BEYOND War, and is planning the 2023 Merchants of Death War Crimes Tribunal. Kathy Kelly and an Iraq Peace Team lived in Iraq during the Shock and Awe attack and invasion. She had traveled there with 27 previous delegations to defy U.S./UN economic sanctions. With Voices in the Wilderness companions, she helped organize 70 delegations to deliver medical relief supplies from 1996 – 2003. She openly violated the sanctions and steadily developed friendships with families in Baghdad, Basra, and other Iraqi cities.

(for a technical reason the first 26 seconds have a black screen but the voice is okay)


David Andersson