European reNazism

From the French government of Macron, social provocation has been sought in a strange and irrational way, as if the aim was to obtain images of chaos in Paris.

Social movements know very well that chaos is often promoted by infiltrators. The conveners do everything they can to ensure that mobilisations take place peacefully, but this is not in the government’s interest.

By Javier Belda.

Curiosity: in the Twitter video, someone constantly appears wearing a Nike T-shirt. Nothing is casual.

En France, la police est tellement occupée à chasser les casseroles qu’elle laisse 500 néonazis se balader dans Paris en toute quiétude.
On a déjà l’extrême-droite au pouvoir

— Marcel (@realmarcel1) May 7, 2023

In some videos showing riots, it has been possible to see the very moment of provocation: an individual coming out of a group to push a policeman, as a signal to start the police charge in all directions, while the individual gets lost in the crowd.

Then come the repressive laws on the media, social networks, organisations, personal freedoms, etc.

On the other hand, not everything is disorder… In contrast to the chaos, the young people in black appear now in a civic attitude. They parade in an orderly fashion, showing uniformity, with proud composure and a firm step. It is a well-planned staging.

Neither the aesthetics nor the attitude are spontaneous but respond to a perfectly designed choreography.

For unemployed young people with a closed future, designer Nazism is a reference point. They are structured groups, with well-armed hierarchies and transnational links. But the soldier doesn’t have to know, nor does he care, he is a pawn. In Nazism you don’t come to ask questions, you come to obey.

Nazism is promoted with no small amount of foreign funding. This was the reason why Georgia tried to pass the “foreign agents law”, to prevent ultra-conservative groups from making a lucrative modus vivendi out of conspiracy by receiving large sums of money from abroad.

No one with a modicum of interest in the truth can doubt that Maidan (Ukraine 2014) was organised from Washington (CIA, Pentagon, etc). That is just the paradigm for a violent coloured revolution.

These are things perfectly conceived by psychologists and sociologists in the service of secret agencies. They are based on the law of the pendulum: hot dreams with cold, disorder with order, etc.

Nazis 4.0 no longer wear their heads shaved, so as to avoid being easily detected in different scenarios. But they are still bald from reflection. There is only one idea in their poor heads: violence.

How do the DeepState elites intend to polarise civil society towards Nazism?

The whole issue of gender confusion, threatening parents with a veto on the right to educate their children, leads to votes for the far right. In periods when capitalism was based on productivity the family was enshrined as the cell of society. But now we are in the midst of a transition in which the undoubted pillars of society are under threat.

The question begs to be asked: Why does the so-called left play the game of absurdity and confusion of the globalist agenda if it is going to lose votes?

These votes will go to the far right. We have a fascist tradition in every country in Europe, the Trojan Horse is there for all to see.

The response is simple: because the so-called left has no political-social ideology, only personal interests. Moreover, the system has different levels of pressure, if it should happen that it still bumps into some old idealist.

France and Germany are the heart of Europe, and as such are where the social experiments take place. The Islamist attacks of the second decade were just that, experiments and government coercion. No society likes to live at the highest level of terrorist alert.

In our third decade, the experiment for Europe is the militarisation of society through Nazism, following the Ukrainian model. We see this even in the colour of the clothes, suddenly military green is in everything.

The system does not need young people because AI combined with robotics will soon be able to replace any work. These misguided and ill-educated young people – in desperate search of strong references – are a fertile breeding ground for wearing black and chanting ultra chants.

If no political movement comes up with a social model that puts the human being as a central value and preoccupation, society will be ultra-violent.

A Universal Basic Income will not be enough because it will not be enough for everyone, so it will be in the system’s interest to have fewer people living. Moreover, foreigners will be seen as those who come to usurp the scarce goods of the natives.

Humanist education is the only antidote we have to Nazism. The problem cannot be tackled by legislation alone, with cumbersome drafting of articles, because we know that “the devil is in the detail”.

Whoever honestly promotes the necessary revolution cannot delay any longer in addressing the existential questions of human beings, forgetting once and for all the fear of being frowned upon by the civil service installed in the system or by the classic militancy of the last century.

The best thing that social movements can do is to create spaces for direct communication that act as alternative educational centres.

Moreover, those who have a social and communicative position will have to be vigilant, especially those who have a social and communicative position. In other words, the left, which today is shipwrecked in ambiguity, must find a new aphorism, through the internal search for a hero capable of being a reference of style, honesty, and nonviolence.

Instituto Humanista de Pronosticación Sistémica – IHPS