Cabinet reshuffle in Chilean government: “Education must be a portfolio priority”, says Mario Aguilar, Regional President of the Chilean Teachers’ College

There were several reactions today to the cabinet reshuffle that relegates the Democratic Revolution party to a single portfolio, increasing the influence of other Frente Amplio conglomerates and replacing – less than a month before the 50th anniversary of September 11 – the Minister of Cultures and Heritage.

Regarding the appointment of Nicolás Cataldo, of the Communist Party, as the new Minister of Education, the President of the Teachers’ Association of the Metropolitan Region, Mario Aguilar, warned that “Minister Cataldo has a difficult mission, he has to act quickly, because there is not much time left, there are government commitments that have not been fulfilled. Minister Cataldo has to make the importance of the education portfolio a top priority in the Cabinet. That is the main responsibility and task of the new education minister.

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