Books and Sunshine: Seoul celebrates Spring Reopening its Outdoor Library

On April 23rd, in honor of World Book Day, colors from Seoul’s Outdoor Library filled up once again the heart of the city. Now, and every weekend until November, families, friends, and couples can gather in the Seoul Plaza to enjoy a good reading session, lay in the sun, or eat a picnic. The program offers yoga and stretching sessions on Thursdays, classic literature readings and poetry classes on Fridays, and activities for children on weekends.

The Outdoor Library offers a respite from the long working hours standardized in South Korean culture. Moreover, it is the perfect incentive for reading and spending time outdoors. Last Sunday, the plaza was filled with a sense of happiness and tranquility among participants.

The Seoul City Government provides free beanbags, umbrellas, chairs, and mattresses!

This year the theme is Lifestyle. Around the plaza thematic booths stood out with around 5,000 books in total for all ages. Here is the station of Empathy.

Entire families sit to enjoy their books.

On weekends, the little ones have many activities to play in the sun.

The older ones can appreciate good music and out loud readings by known writers.

It is definitely the perfect place to read with new friends!

Clara Santos

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