Berlin’s favorite demo for more humanity and tolerance starts for the 8th time

With lots of music and interesting actors, Zug der Liebe e.V. (Train of Love, registered association) will start a large-scale demonstration march through the city of Berlin on August 26 at 1 p.m. at Mauerpark. The motto: More love for the world of tomorrow. The aim is to carry a central message through the streets: charity, community, tolerance and respect are the essence that holds a social and democratic society together. Right-wing populism, indifference, capitalism and neoliberal ideologies are what divide our societies and destroy our democratic foundations. The train of love opposes the tendencies of division, hatred and agitation. It is about solidary cohesion with zero space for commerce and profit!

“More love for the world of tomorrow”

The Train of Love not only relies on good music, but also wants to make social organizations and non-profit associations visible that have made lived solidarity their everyday life and have been working for years for people in need, for social justice, participation and peaceful coexistence, such as the Berliner Obdachlosenhilfe e.V.(homeless help), Reporters without Borders, Moabit hilft (protection of refugees)… and many more.

Thanks to the numerous supporters of Zug der Liebe e.V., participation is free of charge for voluntary associations and initiatives.

Join in!

The Zug der Liebe invites you to join in. Whether you run and dance along as a participant and enjoy the peaceful togetherness, whether you talk about the Zug der Liebe with your friends and acquaintances, inform yourself about the social associations, donate or even become a sponsoring member of an association: you can all contribute your part so that love and community move a bit more into the public perception than (economic) wars, ethnic agitation, neoliberal slogans and deficit-oriented debates about immigration and migration. We should talk more about what unites us than about what divides us. Together, we are helping to move humanitarian issues into the public spotlight and onto the media agenda. It can’t be that global conflicts, wars, debates about arms supplies and compartmentalization against refugees dominate our public discourses. A new agenda of love is needed. Be part of it! Join in! Spread the word! Take a stand against the increasing injustice and indifference in our society!

We say as Forum Gewerkschaftliche Linke Berlin: Our love means solidarity!

Train of Love Program:

August 19th, Free Open Air, 1pm-10pm, Pumptrack Berlin – 52° e.V. At Ostbahn 8, 10243 Berlin. August 26th, Parade of Love, 1-10 p.m., from Mauerpark
August 26th, Zug der Liebe After Party, 8pm-10am, Ritter Butzke

All information is available on the website.

Forum Gewerkschaftliche Linke Berlin