Bantu: returning to Kemet

This August 6th, the Centre for Humanist Studies of the Americas has organised the conference “Bantu returning to Kemet (Egypt)” by Maali Kentake. It will take place at 11 AM Argentina.

For millennia others have told false stories of our original people of Alkebulan (now Africa), Mother of Humanity and human civilisation,” says Maali Kentake. “These false stories have caused a disconnect between Humanity and Afro-descendants and our ancestors of Alkebulan. Today it is up to us (Afro-descendants) to tell our true story from Truth and Science.

We share an invitation to all Humanity especially Afro-descendants to return to the Original Knowledge of our ancestors from Kemet (today Egypt) and beyond. Knowledge that gave birth to the Arts, Science, Spirituality, Technology, Agriculture, Architecture, Mathematics, Astrology, Astronomy, Hydrostatics, Hydraulics, Ships, Navigation, Flight, Nuclear Science, Medicine, etc. Medicine, etc. Also, to return the recognition, honour, dignity, respect, respect, merit of their contributions to Humanity and Civilisation that was taken away and usurped from them.

This journey will take us back to ancient times, between 236,000 to 335,000 years aea to the present. We will see how many of these truths were known to those who kept them hidden from the rest of humanity for millennia. Cultures at different times. The importance of science and spirituality, and their connection to nature. Myths from before creation, creation, evolution and involution, death and beyond death, etc.

The practice of the African concept Ubuntu, linked with the African principle Sankofa, will facilitate the return to ourselves and thus to the Whole in justice, union and peace.

Maali Kentake (a.k.a. Rosario Suardy Pavonessa) has studied and experienced for more than 15 years the spirituality of different indigenous cultures globally. This Path led her to meet the Q’eros, direct descendants of the Incas. With them she participated in the First Integration of the Original Peoples and in the Qhapa Ñan Pilgrimage (Inca Trail) of 100 days, the first after 700 years, in the Andes Mountains of Peru, Bolivia and Argentina (ending at the Inca Bridge) at an altitude of more than 4,500 metres. These experiences allowed her to rekindle the knowledge of her ancestors, especially her African ancestors. Author of “Qhapaq Ñan”, a series of 6 books, the first two already published in English and translated into Spanish (“Qhapaq Ñan: My Experience on the Inca Trail”; “Qhapaq Ñan: My Transcendental Path”). She is a SwNw (Medicine Woman in Kemetic language), mystic, humanist, public speaker, podcaster, among others. Her latest project “Ubuntu El Retorno” is a YouTube channel (English and Spanish) dedicated to the education of the true history of the original Black African civilizations such as Nubia, Kemet, their contributions from antiquity to the present. In this way he also collaborates with the healing, the expansion of consciousness, and the good living of Humanity.

To participate, please register at:

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