Baloch Missing Persons Day

8Th June is the day of the Baloch missing persons.

On this day, Baloch people take to the streets and press clubs to demand the release of their loved ones.

The victims’ families hold placards and posters of their missing loved ones.

The Baloch missing persons day is observed in remembrance of Zakir Majeed, a Baloch student leader who was forcefully abducted by the Pakistani military in Mastung on 8Th juney2009, and his whereabouts remain unknown.

Thousands of Baloch activists, writers, journalists, human rights advocates, and teachers have mysteriously been abducted by the Pakistani military from various places such as universities, hostels, and homes.

Thousands of loved ones hold onto hope that their missing family members will one day be released from Pakistani torture cells, and they demand that if their loved ones are guilty or involved in any crime, they should be represented in police stations and courts.

Unfortunately, Pakistan has never represented the Baloch missing persons in court because they are not guilty.

When people take to the streets or press clubs, the Pakistani police and army resort to beating them. If a victim’s family struggles for their missing person, they receive threats from the Pakistani army and intelligence agencies.

According to the Voice for Baloch Missing Persons, more than 53,000 Baloch individuals have been abducted by the Pakistani military in the last two decades, and their whereabouts remain unknown.

Hundreds of mutilated bodies of Baloch activists are being thrown in different cities of Balochistan to suppress the voice of the Baloch. Numerous mass graves have been discovered in Balochistan, and without conducting DNA tests, the bodies are buried unknowingly in graveyards.

Currently, Baloch students and teachers are being targeted by the Pakistani military, with abductions occurring on a daily basis. The wave of enforced disappearances is growing, particularly in Balochistan, where almost no household is left untouched by the victims of enforced disappearances.

The Pakistani military is engaging in the genocide of the Baloch nation using various tactics. We appeal to the UN and human rights organizations to exert pressure on Pakistan to cease the abduction of Baloch missing persons and to send their missions to investigate the facts and figures surrounding the issue.

Islam Murad Baloch