April 2nd, Rome – The Meditation For Peace and Nonviolence

Yesterday during the day of mobilization for Peace and Nonviolence launched by EuropeforPeace.eu,
among exchanges of opinion, interventions, moments of reflection and poetry there was also a moment dedicated to a Request made from the heart and inspired by the secular Spirituality of The Message of Silo [www.silo.net]

We are the people of Peace and Nonviolence,

we want to relegate war and all kinds of discrimination – ethnic, economic, religious or gender – to past history.

We want the elimination of nuclear weapons and the reconversion of war industries,

We want to live on a planet healthy for ourselves and for future generations, respecting all life.

We want every girl and boy to have food, be able to go to school and have free access to care.

We want well-being and equal opportunity for every human being.

We want a nonviolent world, which is why we commit ourselves every day to learning how to resist violence within us and outside us,

we commit ourselves to stop looking for perpetrators, to acknowledge our responsibility and reconcile with our past,

we commit ourselves to learn and practicing active nonviolence,

beginning with the practice of the Golden Rule: When you treat others as you want to be treated, you free yourself.

We commit ourselves to give coherence and unity to our lives, matching what we think with what we feel and what we do

and to learn to treat others as we wish to be treated ourselves.

Finally, a small gift that each of us can take with us into our daily lives and that can help us

to pause for a moment, find ourselves and clarify our thoughts and feelings.

This is a simple request from the bottom of our hearts (if you wish you can close your eyes and bring your hand to your chest)

take a breath of air and imagine taking this air deep into your heart

and ask, ask forcefully for yourself and for the beings dearest to you.

Ask forcefully to turn away from everything that gives you contradiction; ask for your life to have unity.

For all,

Peace, Force, and Joy

Redazione Roma